Thanksgiving Eve is the Best Drinking Night of the Year

November 19th, 2015

Thanksgiving Eve is the best drinking night of the Holiday season, if not the entire year. It’s a big statement maybe – especially with New Year’s Eve looming – but coming from the people who run bars, TRUST US, this is THE night of all nights to round up your crew and hit the town. The term Black Wednesday (what Black Friday is to retailers) has been kicking around for years now. Here’s why:

#1 No-one throws a party before the party.

They tell marathon runners to take a break from big runs the week before the race  – same strategy applies to your Thanksgiving Day. On Thanksgiving Eve, let someone else do the entertaining.

#2 Everyone you know is back home (mostly).

It feels like that anyways. In one night, you’ll be clinking glasses with your cousin, an old high school friend, your neighbor, and a colleague from work.  Oh, and there’s the off chance you’ll bump into your ex.  Last call on Thanksgiving Eve always comes too quickly.

#3 You’re allowed to drink like you’re 22 again.

Just calling it as we see it. We get it though – you’re back with all your girls again.  It’s just that kind of night.

#4 Everyone is off work on Thanksgiving Day (mostly).

Sleeping in on a Thursday is like a mid-week get out of jail free card. No-one cuts out early on Thanksgiving Eve  -it’s a matter of principle.

#5 Thanksgiving  Day Feast is the best Hangover Meal …eva

Remember that round of shots you ordered at last call? It’s ok. Homemade stuffing makes everything better.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving Eve.  Please drink responsibly and plan ahead …Uber. Cab. Walk. 

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