Screw Your Resolution in 2015

January 14th, 2015

Time to say what everyone is starting to think: Screw your Resolution.  Of course, if you have resolved to start hitting the gym more often or resolved to be more active in your community, please don’t “screw it”. These are straight-up positive changes. But, if you SWEAR that this is the year to give up pub grub, bar food and the like, I’m saying, screw THAT. And here’s my argument:

Eat Better.  Don’t give it up, just do it better.  It’s 2015 and there’s just no reason to short-change yourself when it comes to good food and drink. Reason being ~ pub food is simply not the same bar food we were eating even 5 years ago. Yes, you’re in a pub. Yes, the menu consists of burgers, sandwiches, snacks and hearty entrees, but it is definitely NOT the same.

Our pub food at Fadó is fresh, from-scratch, house-made and contains no trans-fats or hydrogenated oils and here’s why: our customers spoke and we listened. It all started quite a few years back. And, to be honest, we were quite surprised about how much people knew about their food and how much they cared. It’s not just the raw food extremists who are jumping up and down about food preparation. It’s our dinner crowd, our younger brunch crowd and even the guys who pop in from the office after work just looking for a decent pint and a little nosh. Nowadays you can go to any city or any (decent or up-and-coming) neighborhood and the food trends all point towards quality food, served up with a fancy craft beer or house cocktail. And, if you really think about it, this broader evolution in the food industry makes really good sense. People who are looking for good beer and a quality atmosphere simply want to be able to eat well too.

At Fadó, we do understand that most folks would know us for our beer first. Sometimes it’s just one beer, <Guinness> ,and we’re flattered, really. We get that food can be an after-thought with Fadó.  Man, if I had a dollar for every “you guys serve food?” comment. Or, a quarter for every time I heard “I didn’t realize your food was so good” …I’d be doing alright for myself.   It really shouldn’t come as a surprise though that we care as much about our food menu as we do our beverage menu.  How could you know that we spend thousands of dollars on our state of the art draft system, taps and glassware?

Quality and the little details really matter to us. We have the best HDTVs available so that our sports fans catch every play on game day. And our cutting edge sound system ensures that the craic is mighty come Saturday night.  So you shouldn’t be surprised, should you, that our corned beef and our sausages (with our own recipe) come from a 3rd generation butcher out of Vermont. Or, that our lamb is cooked for over 4 hours at low temps to ensure that it is fall-off-the-bone tender. That our fish is wild-caught. Or, that daily we bake our own Guinness and cheddar bread and all of our soups are from-scratch. Even our honey mustard sauce is made in-house with an imported UK condiment, Colman’s Mustard.

Times have simply changed. People care about what they are eating, even when it’s “pub grub”. So, I say, screw your resolution and just resolve to eat better.

   potatoes   prep 2  garnish prep 1Lamb Lamb searing on the grill   Lamb Dip  Pulled Lamb French Dip Lamb Topped Chips - Edited Lamb Topped Chips  Irish Breakfast blog  Irish Breakfast


puffs out of the oven  Fresh baked Cheese Puffs  batter boxty   Traditional Irish “Boxty”roasted red pepper sandwich Pub Soup and Sandwich

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Colmans Mustard      colmans mustard   HP sauce

Upcoming “Screw Your Resolution” Events:

Seattle, WA ~ Friday, January 9 at 9pm

Denver, CO ~ Saturday,  January 31 at 9pm