Dry January is over …it’s RE-tox February!

February 15th, 2016

“Dry January” is over and, if you signed up, we hope you made it through the 31 days of baked kale chips and no-alcohol unscathed!  We get how important it is …we really do.  In Ireland and the UK, “dry January” is a real thing, borne out of a drinking culture that not only questions any solitary moment when you opt for bitters and soda over a pint, it actually shuns the ‘dry January mob’ altogether.

Don’t worry. We would never consider locking our doors on you. We’re here for you and your REtox …So, in the spirit of renewal and resetting, here’s a handy REtox checklist:

1.  DRINK MORE WATER –  Just make it “the water of life” aka Irish Whiskey and stick to the good stuff.  Sipping on a Redbreast 15 yr Irish whiskey, poured over artisanal ice, is pretty much the perfect Tuesday night Retox recipe.

Whiskey on the rocks

2.  SKIP CARBS – EAT PROTEIN – A fry up is no joke to the resolutioner, but there really is no better protein-packed meal than a plate of eggs, bacon and black pudding, which was just named the newest super-food.  A traditional Irish breakfast is like winning the protein jackpot. We serve ours all day.

Irish Breakfast with black pudding

3.  MORE VITAMINS – Glass per glass, Guinness wins. Did you know that there was a time when doctors actually prescribed a half pint of Guinness for nursing mothers and blood donors? They don’t anymore of course, but it does contain less calories than a glass of milk, so there’s that.

Guinness Draft Beer

4.  SOCIALIZING – Oxford College recently researched the mental health effects of living near your local pub and it turns out our regulars are happy people. Well, duh.

 Pub Regulars

5.  YOLO – There is nothing like a really great freaking burger. Do I eat if for lunch on Wednesday? No. Would I tear one up on a Sunday after a particularly big Saturday night? Absolutely. YOLO.

 Pub Food Cheeseburger

Disclaimer – Please consult your doctor and not our retox guide to renewal and better living. We’re just a pub, folks.