18 Reasons Fadó Is The Best English Premier League Bar in America

November 16th, 2015

Over the past couple of years we have written plenty of articles about soccer on our blog. In light of the #BESTPLBARCONTEST contest that NBC and the BPL are running, let us make our case.

No one is more dedicated –

Since the turn of the new century, Fadó made a commitment to show every English Premier League match televised in North America. There were challenges back then but we were committed. We purchased satellite packages for the matches required to be shown on a C-Band satellite. This meant that during the middle of winter we often had to climb up slippery ladders into the freezing, nasty weather to clean off the dishes! With customers’ disapproving glares …we had to move fast!  Consider what this meant to staff. Bars notoriously hire unique staff -people who thrive at night and go to sleep regularly at 6AM.  Yet, we were asking our staff to frequently get up and come to work at that time!  They were often serving coffee and tea (read: not much in tips :>). Over the course of a 9-month-long season, turn-out was not always consistent. A 7am kick off time for a Wigan game could be especially cruel for the servers, bartenders and kitchen staff ready to serve only 3 fans!

Despite these obstacles, over the past 15 years, Fadó has become an extremely successful soccer bar. Here are 18 reasons you should vote for us in the #BESTPLBARCONTEST:

1)   Regardless of cost, we’ve kept up with the technology and upgraded our offerings every year.  We buy more TVs, add new channels and the capability to provide up to five different matches in a given day with video (and audio —very rare).  We recorded replays for our regulars who couldn’t make it down early long before DVRs were popular.

2)   From the beginning, we opened for every game possible.  Even if Crystal Palace was playing Aston Villa at 7AM, we were open for the match. We have done that for over 15 years.

3)   We have always had very consistent management and many of the same customers too.    Many of our staff have personally traveled to England, bringing back great stories from Anfield, Maine Road, White Hart Lane, and Old Trafford.  One of our bartenders once fulfilled a wish of a long time customer. He traveled to England to spread his ashes on the pitch at Emirates Stadium (unbeknownst to the security staff that day).

4)   We have always offered Lyons Tea, European Chocolates, Lucozade and club beverages, not to mention an outstanding kitchen operation that offers a traditional brekkie.

5)  We know that QPR means Queen’s Park Rangers and we can speak to one group that is holding out hope that they will be back soon.  We understand relegation and promotion more than we wish we did.

6)  We have a solid contingent of supporters from Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, Newcastle, Manchester City, Everton, West Ham and others.

7) Team scarves are part of the pub décor as well as unique, autographed memorabilia.

8)  We know what a “Derby” is and know how to pronounce it.

9)   We know where “Stamford Bridge” is.

10)   We know who the “Great One” is.  Scratch that, we know who he was.

11)   We know why there are comparisons between Luis Suarez and Jaws.

12)  If we hear there are a number of “Gunners” coming into the pub, we know that there is little to be concerned about – most of the time.

13)  We know what Boxing Day is and why, even if it falls on a Tuesday, the pub will always be packed with fans.

14)  Current and former players from England have been in the pub to visit or watch matches, including Brian McBride, and John Harkes.  Robert Warzycha is a good friend of the pub.  The Wigan team joined us the same year as their FA Cup win.  We asked a young James McCarthy for an ID once, which he didn’t have with him  …got around that with a quick Google search.  Joe Hart once scratched a taunting little message on our kitchen board for our general manager, a United fan.

15) We’ve had the pleasure of hosting meet and greets for the Manchester United Legends Tour over the past few years. Watching some of our long time customers shake hands with their heroes, the likes of Bryan Robson, Dwight Yorke, and others, almost makes up for years of early morning wake up calls …almost!

16) We show the English Championship games too because we know that when relegation does strike, you can’t simply pick a new team.

17) We show all the Capital One Cup and the FA Cup games, not just the Final.

18) We also show other European Leagues. Bayern Munich and Celtic supporters clubs meet at the pub.  We show La Liga matches. Barcelona was popular at Fadó long before anybody had heard of Lionel Messi.  We show all the Europa League and UEFA Champion’s League games. The Final will pack the pub.

And…. we have only just begun.

Convinced? Give us your vote for #BESTPLBARCONTEST in America here:


Voting ends Dec 6.

We thank you in advance! See you Saturday morning ;p

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