Admit It, You have No Idea What COPA Is.

June 3rd, 2016

The US Men’s Soccer Team are back in the news. Friday, June 3 at 9.30pm EST, the U.S. of A. take on Colombia in the COPA América Centenario. English Translation: Centennial COPA America. American Translation: The 100th Anniversary of COPA America and the US is hosting and it is a very big deal.

Despite all of the American Outlaw buzz or sports media’s coverage on #USAvCOL involving James Rodriguez, Coach Klinsmann or US’s newest, youngest goal scorer, Christian Pulisic, two things are very clear right now:

  1. American soccer fans are fired up.

  2. American soccer fans have no idea what COPA is.

Seriously, no one seems to get it. No one I know can give me a confident answer – and, working for the top soccer bar in the city, surrounded by a LOT of informed guys, I usually get my answers pretty easily. So given the enormity of this tournament on the international stage, and the fact that we simply love the sport, I went ahead and put together the cliff notes for you ahead of tonight’s kick-off.

Ten COPA Facts You Need to Know:

  1. COPA was first held in 1916 in Uruguay and, up until 2016, has always been hosted by a South American country.

  2. COPA is 100 years old but there have only been 45 winners. The tourney is hosted every 2-4 years……depending on what, we just don’t know. Seriously, from what I can tell this decision is made by the President of CONMEBOL & a lot of factors affect the decision.

  3. CONMEBOL is the  South American Football Confederation. CONCACAF is the Confederation of Central America, North America, & the Caribbean. COPA America is the name of a soccer tournament.  

  4. In 2012, with a push from the President of CONMEBAL, both federations agreed that in celebration of the 100th anniversary, the USA would host the prestigious tournament, expanding COPA America to North American soil.

  5. Mexico and the USA were the only 2 CONCACAF teams to qualify automatically.

  6. COPA 2016 consists of 16 teams split into 4 groups from across North and South America, including Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, & Argentina.

  7. Each team will play 3 games during the group round, and the two teams with the most points in each group advance to the Quarterfinals.

  8. The U.S. is in Group A, the “Group of Death”, with Colombia, Costa Rica, and Paraguay.  Colombia is a group favorite, led by Real Madrid standout James Rodriguez.

  9. Winning COPA 2016 has no bearing on World Cup 2018 or even the 2017 Confederations Cup. This Cup has everything to do with pride of country. See Euro 2016*

  10. Brazil will enter the tournament seriously short-handed but are still considered a viable threat.  Argentina, led by Lionel Messi, are favorites to win it.

Thing is, despite this handy list, soccer fans may still not get it. And it really is ok. What soccer fans DO get is the chance to cheer on their team – their country. The US Men’s Team has such a following that when the call is made, an entire legion of fans will answer.  And Fadó has you covered all tournament long. We’re showing all games live – with sound. Plus, we’ve got Match Day specials – Budweiser, Bud Light, and Michelob Light buckets for all USMNT matches.

We’re also giving away a Trip to New York for the COPA Final for those who register and play the COPA online predictor. HERE: 


*EURO 2016: June 10 – July 10. Stay tuned. Ireland qualified and we’re pretty flipping excited about this tourney too!


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