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Events at Fadó: A Unique Event Venue in Atlanta

Our unique private event space in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood is used year-round for birthday parties, wedding rehearsal dinners, reunions, corporate events, team lunches, happy hour, office holiday parties for small gatherings, or full event space buy outs.

Not only can we customize a food and beverage package for just about any occasion, but we can also coordinate all sorts of on-site entertainment options, including (but for sure not limited to) Vegas-style poker tables, cigar rolling stations, live music, trivia, and much more.

Seating & Event Space

The pub has a number of unique areas all featuring different design motifs inspired by old and new Ireland. Many feature private ‘snugs’ that are unique to Irish Pubs. See below for seating and standing capacities.

Choose a room and learn about our seating plans

The Shop

50 Seated or 50-150 Reception Style

Past tradition twined the pub and the shop as one. Still in certain counties of Ireland today, rural pubs will sell provisions as both shop and local pub. Hanging products from overcrowded shelves and walls gives the impression of times past. This area features a large central island, making it an ideal location to entertain large groups.

The Mezzanine

24 Seated or 24-35 Reception Style

Up the stairway to the second level is a quaint nook featuring Irish landscapes and Celtic art stemming from the time of St. Patrick. The decorative paintings are influenced by the Book of Kells. Monks, both authors and artists, spreading Christian faith throughout Ireland represent this period of history.

The Rooftop Garden

50 Seated or 50-150 Reception Style

Continue up the stairs to the rooftop and the West of Ireland’s cottages are portrayed. Stone walls and large murals depict the character of the rugged landscape, a charming trait of the homeland. The Rooftop Garden also features a heated floor and fireplace, making it a cozy spot all year round.

The Whole Shebang

Invite 600 of your closest friends or your staunchest enemies and we might even close down the pub just for you, you never know!!!

The Cellars

30 Seated or 30-50 Reception Style

The stone archways flanking the backlit bottle displays and the brewery murals depict Dublin’s brewery history. The large copper framed feature in the center is influenced by the chimney at St. James’s Gate in Dublin. A large display of old whiskey bottles makes one thirsty for “the water of life”, in Gaelic: uisce beathe (ish-ki-baha) or Irish Whiskey.

The Grand House

40 Seated or 40-70 Reception Style

From the ornate Celtic iron work framing the fireplace to the decorative vaulted ceiling, this gem of Gaelic history is truly grand. Keeping with the tradition of our namesake, Fadó, traditional Irish folklore is well represented in this area of the pub. Brighid, the Goddess of the Hearth, rests above the fireplace. She is an incarnation of pagan times. It is said that when she was born, a flame reached from the top of her head all the way to the heavens.

The Victorian

15 Seated or 15-25 Reception Style

Representative of the Georgian style architecture of Dublin during the late 1800?s to early 1900?s. The grandeur of the Victorian period was reflected by rich colors and tapestries, darkly stained wood and ornamental pieces. You will also see portraits of some of the Victorian period’s most notable literary contributors such as Oscar Wilde and Bernard Shaw.

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Fadó is a wonderful place to celebrate with a group. Our goal is to help create an memorable event and to make evaluation and booking process easy. Give us some basic info and we’ll respond back with information on availability.

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